Climate-i Construction

Construction siteDeveloped to address climate and weather risk, the soon to be released Climate-i for Construction s a prototype app in development for the construction industry to manage weather and climate from contract to completion. ECEP researchers are adding capability for a user to define their weather variables of interest and their critical thresholds. Based on these user-defined parameters, the tool draws on NOAA’s seasonal forecast information and calculates the number of down days that have low, medium, and high likelihoods of being exceeded.

With additional support, the fully functioning Climate-i will have expanded capability to provide project-critical information for upcoming seasons at user-specified locations and time periods using multiple sources of seasonal forecast information. Climate-i will also have the capability to upload site-specific data to adjust the seasonal forecast for local effects.

About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.