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Fourth Annual ECEP Workshop. July 14, 2016. Boulder, CO

The 4th Annual Workshop was very successful, with 60 attendees from a variety of organizations and disciplines. Video recordings of the presentations available here, as are slides and a list of participants.

A workshop summary report has been produced, with a full report anticipated in the near future.

Don't miss next year's workshop! Save June 20th, 2017 in your calendars now.


Uncertainty and Causality Assessment in Modeling Extreme and Rare Events 25-28 April, 2016. Boulder, CO

Mari Tye will speak about statistical evaluation of extremes in climate models and methods to achieve correction.

32nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology18 – 22 April, 2016. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A number of NCAR talks will occur. Look for Cindy Bruyere to speak on "Hybrid Real-Idealized Tropical Cyclones as a New Loss Tool." James Done will cover "Future Changes in Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Wave Climatology." Greg Holland will discuss the "Index for Cyclone Damage Potential," and will chair the Simpson Symposium on "Planning for Tropical Cyclone Impacts." And Abby Jaye will have a talk on the "Evaluation of a Regional Climate Ensemble using Self-Organizing Maps." 

 Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society National ConferenceFebruary 8-11, 2016. Melbourne, Australia.

Greg Holland will speak on “Planning for and Responding to Weather and Climate Extremes,” and Cindy Bruyère will present on the “Hybrid Real-Idealized Tropical Cyclones as a New Loss Tool.” 

Transport Research Board 95th Annual meeting10-14 January, 2016. Washington, DC.

 James Done will present on “Beyond Modeling: Reducing Risk and Increasing resilience.” 

American Meteorological Society Annual meeting. 10-14 January, 2016. New Orleans, LA.

Mari Tye will be part of a panel at a session entitled “Making Climate Information Available to Decision Makers: Challenges, Risks, and Uncertainty”. Heather Lazrus is co-chairing a Town Hall Meeting “What if the water can’t be stopped?” with ECEP partner, Rising Voices.

Fall meeting of the American Geophysical UnionDecember 14-18, 2015. San Francisco, CA.  Cindy Bruyère gave three talks at the AGU meeting including, “What Can The Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership Do For Global Resilience? (session moderated by Jack Fellows, Oak Ridge National Laboratory), “High-Resolution Regional Climate Downscaling for Engineering and Planning for Extremes” (invited talk), and “Graceful Failure, Engineering, and Planning for Extremes” (Mari Tye first author on this talk).

Aspen Global Change Institute Conference on Risk and ResilienceNovember 30-December 5, 2015. Aspen, CO.

Mari Tye attended this meeting on behalf of ECEP and participated in a panel session comparing approaches to risk and resilience.

Central Research Institute of Electric Power IndustryNov 9, 2015. Japan 

James Done visited CRIEPI and gave a talk that included a high-level summary of ECEP and present our dynamical-statisical modeling of Typhoon impacts.

NOAA's 40th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop. October 26-29, 2015. Denver, CO

Debasish PaiMazumder presented "Predictability of the 2012 US Drought in a Different Representation of Atmospheric Processes" focussing on the predictability of 2012 drought is explored using preseason soil-moisture and snowmelt.

Understanding Risk Boulder. October 23-25. Boulder, CO

Mari Tye gave a keynote talk on the subject of risk, resilience and graceful failure. All keynote presentations are available online.

Joint Industry Project Week.  Sept 28, 2015. Houston, TX

James Done showcased some of the tools developed through our collaboration with the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America. The tools provide decision support for offshore energy production to minimize environment and safety risks.

Haskell Indian Nations University. September 23, 2015. Lawrence, KS

Greg Holland visted the university to give a seminar and for discussions with students and faculty.

First International Conference on Surface Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events. September 17, 2015. Washington DC

Mari Tye presented in the "Collaborating across Cities, Regions and Countries" session on the development of ECEP, recent progress and future research directions. Presentations are available online through the conference website.

Engineering for Climate Extremes. August 19-21, 2015. National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

Summary: Days one and two of this workshop engaged a cross-disciplinary group to understand how different groups have developed resilient responses to weather and climate extremes over the past year to exchange community knowledge. The third day focused information from the first two days into development of ECEP's vision, mission, and goals that will help establish research directions over the coming year. The presentation slides, videos and posters and meeting report are available online.



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ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.