About the Global Risk, Resilience, and Impacts Toolbox® 

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GRRIT's infrastructure connects users to myriad public and private databases – from weather and climate model hindcasts and forecasts, to current and projected future populations, and risk, hazard, and vulnerability data. GRRIT can pull information from disparate locations, including local drives, the cloud, or servers located in different places. Once captured, relevant data are fed to ECEP-developed decision-making tools to provide insights and answers to critical questions related to extreme weather and climate risk and resilience.

Currently, many decisions use past observations and experience, without the benefit of considering climate change, vulnerability or exposure. The GRRIT framework allows decision makers to access challenging-to-use, but critical, information to support resilience. GRRIT’s tools pull the critical pieces of information from these data sets to provide the desired information to address the task at hand. While the ECEP-developed applications streamline access to critical information that can improve choices about societal risk and resilience, and can accelerate scientific discovery and innovation.

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About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.