Who We Are


ECEP arose out of a series of meetings and discussions commencing with the ‘Summit on Managing Extremes’ and related meetings in 2011 - coordinated by the National Academies in Washington DC with support from Willis Re and NCAR. 

The ECEP concept continued to develop through a specialist workshop on ‘Statistical Applications to Climate Extremes’ in October 2012 - supported by Zurich Insurance and the National Science Foundation. 

These, combined with two workshops facilitated by NCAR: ‘Rethinking Failure: Engineering for Climate Extremes’ in August 2013 and ‘2nd Workshop on Engineering for Climate Extremes’ in November 2014; and a session at the AGU Fall Meeting 2014 (see the events archive) led to the formation of ECEP. 

The concept and basis of the ECEP also has benefited from collaborations and discussions under the DOE/Industry ‘Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America’, the NSF-sponsored ‘Developing a Next-Generation Approach to Regional Climate Prediction at High Resolution’, the Willis Research Network, and the ‘Rising Voices’ alliance across indigenous peoples in North America and the Pacific Islands.

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About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.