Hot Days


sunset over rooftopsReal-Time Prediction of Eastern US hot days

Predictions of Eastern US hot days are being made in real-time using new science from a study led by NCAR post-doctoral fellow Karen McKinnon with co-authors Andy Rhines, Martin Tingley, and Peter Huybers.

They discovered signals in Pacific Ocean temperatures that portend hot days over the Eastern US. The key point is that these oceanic signals begin to emerge up to 50 days ahead of the hot days, thereby making 50-day hot day forecasts possible.

Please take a look at Karen McKinnon's real-time hot day forecasts and provide feedback to either Karen: (mckinnon (at) ucar (dot) edu) or to ECEP: ecep (at) ucar (dot) edu 

For more information, take a look at the UCAR press release or the peer-reviewed journal paper

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