Image Credits

Credits for the images used on this website are as follows:

ECEP Logo:

Produced by Andreas Prein, containing Big Wave Cheyney (FrankPearson at en.wikimedia); Alvord Desert Sunset (Pete Forsyth, Creative Commons); Storseisundet Brugge (Arsenikk on Flickr) and Hurricane Igor at 1640z on September 13 2010 (NASA Modis)

Home Page:

Double Rainbow copyright University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Photo by Carlye Calvin
London Wetland By Patche99z via Wikimedia Commons
Logo produced by Regional Climate Group, containing cloud (James Done); drought (Kelly Lenz, Kansas Ag Network); Ein Farmer und seine Söhne während eines Staubsturmes (Arthur Rothstein via Wikimedia Commons); and Perccottus glenii (Wikimedia Commons)

What we do:

Water droplet copyright University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, photo by Carlye Calvin
Yellowstone computing copyright University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Wind farm By Pantona via Wikimedia Commons
Aerial of Athens by Mari Tye
Crowds and Tools unattributed via Wikimedia Commons.

About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.