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Partners have a formal affiliation with ECEP and are involved in decision-making processes from research to implementation. They represent the physical and social sciences, engineering, commerce, community representatives, academia, government and non-government organizations. Partners contribute to ECEP through the following mechanisms:

  • Financial support (Sponsors)
  • Expertise
  • Data or systems support
  • Collaborative research projects.

Partners’ roles include:

  • Attend the annual ECEP meetings
  • Collectively discuss and recommend ECEP strategic directions, including updates to the strategic plan
  • Actively participate in specific research and development activities
  • Provide knowledge and guidance on societal priorities and relevant areas in their field of expertise
  • Promote the strengths of ECEP in supporting future resilience decisions to their clients and collaborators.

In addition to the above, Sponsors direct ECEP research and decide the strategic goals.




About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.