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Resiliency Planning



An example of how the ECEP promotes resiliency planning is the National Science Foundation funded grant 'UDECIDE: Understanding Decision Climate Interactions on Decadal Scales'. This project seeks to understand the role of decadal climate information in societal decision-making. Specifically, the role of decadal flood and drought information for decisions relating to water resource management.

UDECIDE schematic

UDECIDE will deliver prototype presentations of the decadal information in ways that resonate with decision frameworks. This will be achieved by continuous iteration between the impact prediction and the information need and usage by the decision maker within the decision space. 




Global Risk, Resilience and Impacts Toolbox


Underpinning ECEP are the cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research, development, and community support activities aimed at improving community resilience to the impacts of climate and weather extremes through a Graceful Failure approach. In particular the Global Risk, Resilience and Impacts Toolbox (GRRIT)is a system comprising a public-domain risk-modeling and response data, and planning tools in support of engineering design, planning and adaptation activities.


About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.