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Vision & Mission

ECEP Vision and Mission

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.

The ECEP Mission is to enable improved societal planning for weather and climate extremes through:
  • Partnering among academia, governments, businesses and local communities 
  • Using cutting-edge engineering, science and technology
  • Developing tools in support of decision making, and 
  • Reducing catastrophic impacts through a graceful failure approach.

The vision and mission will be achieved through four goals:

Collaborative Partnerships

Advancing Science

Decision Support through the Global Risk, Resilience and Impacts Toolbox (GRRIT)

Understanding and Communicating Risk

ECEP Partners and the Community are consulted and directly involved in developing the tools and knowledge necessary for resilient responses to current and future weather and climate extremes.

A small executive located at NCAR is responsible for executing the ECEP strategic plan, including: coordinating, implementing, and conducting ECEP research and development, supporting community involvement, and maintaining ECEP modeling, data and other support systems. The Executive form part of the Regional Climate Group who conduct research across all aspects of ECEP. Please contact them for further information.

About ECEP

ECEP's vision is to strengthen society’s resilience to weather and climate extremes.